About Us

I have been catering at various festivals and events off and on with vegan / vegetarian food since the late 1980s. The first big festival was Glastonbury festival 1987 (my local festival) we had a pitch in the old top market, we were on the front row, and had a great view of the old Pyramid stage (which my pyramid kitchens are modeled on).

I did not have a stall name then, most of the festivals I catered at were free festivals, I just use to turn up, build the stall off the side of my old Commer truck (please see photo of stall 1986 – 1994) then make veggie burgers and get the frying pans on.

I have been catering at music festivals, big and small, green fayres and private functions pretty much since then, with different trucks, trailers & marques (please see photo of stall 1995 – 2003) I was called Pulse then. From the late 90s up to 2003, I catered at some of the big music festivals (Glastonbury, Reading, V, & my favorite at the time Womad), Pulse picked up some awards, which was nice (please see awards).

I now mainly cater at smaller boutique, more intimate festivals, but still cater at a few big ones, every now & then. You might also see me about in my Vegan street food van, as I am now taking my Vegan food, from the festival fields, to downtown on the streets!

Stall 1987 - 1994
Stall 1987 – 1994
Stall 1995 - 2003
Stall 1995 – 2003
The Pyramid stall/kitchen 2015
The Pyramid stall/kitchen 2015

Why we use organically grown, fairly sourced & Vegan produce

Organically grown products have a much fuller, more natural flavour & are produced without the aid of artificial chemicals such as fertilizers which harm the soil & the environment.

Fairly sourced products from the Fairtrade Foundation, provides producers in developing countries with a fair price for their products, plus a Fairtrade premium to invest in local community development. Fairtrade buyers enter into long term contracts enabling investment and stable employment. The Fairtrade Mark guarantees employee welfare and high environmental standards.

For more information on Fairtrde click here

Vegan because its sustainable, healthier, greener, kinder to animals & to our planets future.

For more information please go to www.vegansociety.com

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Please contact us if you want to make a booking or to find out more about Pyramid Catering.